4 Inch Leather Weightlifting Belt

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COREZONE Premium Quality Original Cowhide Leather Top of the line 4" wide weightlifting back support belt with padding and suede cowhide leather on the interior for comfort. This belt will bring out the best bodybuilding, power-lifting fitness beast that we know you are! The design provides back and abdominal support while the stitching handles moisture and bacterial build-up. It's a new concept in genuine leather that is created by a unique additional tanning process. Perfect to give added support for heavy lifts that require you to brace your core such as squats and deadlifts. The wide lumbar area fully supports the base to give you that extra thrust you need during a workout. Avoid injury and make the most out of each set with COREZONE old school designed padded fitness belt.

 Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • The weightlifting belt is a great gear addition to your everyday workout
  • 4” wide power belt for the perfect back and abdomen coverage during your workout
  • It is easy to use and comfortable due to the inner layer
  • The belt provides lumbar support that will help you avoid injuries
  • Multiple sizes are available for you to choose from
  • The belt will help you shape your body easier and faster
  • You can wear the belt during squats, deadlifts and other heavy movements

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