Adjustable Ankle Support D-Ring Weightlifting Gym Strap

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Our gym ankle straps are specially designed to improve the ankle support and movement when working out. They allow mobility and resistance to oversupply legs and hips with the help of the multi-path attenuation and enable effective lower body workouts. Durable with ultimate comfort.

Here's How You Can Get The Toned Figure Of Your Dreams, Easier & Efficiently!

Manufactured from durable neoprene fabric, with solid stitching and a sturdy double D-ring, these fitness ankle cuffs combine comfort, convenience, longevity & versatility.

Easily adjustable with the loop fastener, they make a set of premium ONE SIZE FITS ALL cable ankle straps for male and female fitness lovers.

Use them as your thigh, hip, leg or even wrist and shoulder workout, make them your lifting, kickback, abductor training or glute workout straps and get the eye-catching figure that will turn heads!

Or, make them part of your rehab schedule and get back your full mobility and flexibility faster!

Why Choose CORAZONE Ankle Straps?

 · STRONGER neoprene fabric that WON'T get ripped

 · Double D-ring & strong stitching

 · Thick padding, for increased comfort

 · Travel friendly

 · Ideal for leg extensions, leg curls, hip abductors and more

 · Compatible with all standard cable systems, resistance and functional trainers

 · Great for fitness and rehab purposes of all men and women



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