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Neoprene Dumbbells, 1KG - 5KG Pair of Coated Iron Hand Weights

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COREZONE Neoprene Dumbbells are versatile, easy to use and they allow you to create a variety of workout routines. Burn calories, shape muscle groups, improve co-ordination, correct gestures, you can apply them to possibly every kind of exercise and tone up.

Quality, safety, functionality, durability. We have been committed to providing the best neoprene dumbbells and our products are tested by time and market challenges.

Solid cast iron coated with Ecological Neoprene

COREZONE dumbbells are manufactured with the thick-coated neoprene material wrapped around a solid cast iron base. High quality, durable, ready to enhance your workout.

 Easier Grip for Women and Kids

Shape Matters. Our dumbbells are anti-rolling, easy to store. More importantly, the round-flat shape can better protect your floor compared to hexagonal ones. The handles are designed to the proper size and ideal for ladies and kids

Upgraded Anti-Slip Coating

The soft vinyl coating featuring matte finish prevents sweaty hand from slipping, ensuring safe use while working out.

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